May I have a burger with a side of dedication?



It’s 5:30 AM, rise and shine. When I look out the window, instead of seeing my backyard, it is the hotel’s pool. This is the second morning I am waking up in LA where I am meeting cohorts of the Million Dollar Mastermind group. No one is at the pool at the moment as it is being cleaned by this giant robot of a thing with tentacles sunk in the water in an apparent attempt to collect all the debris, insects and what not so the pool can be opened again for hotel guests. A thought came into my mind, Continue reading “May I have a burger with a side of dedication?”

The True Mission at the Convention


We all need a little human interaction sometimes.

I must admit it was a last minute decision (think two days before the event) to attend the AIA National Convention in Philadelphia this year but it was so well worth it. This event was held in my backyard so getting there was not an issue but finding a reason to go however proved to be a bit of a struggle as I had not attended one for more than eight years. One look at my continuing education credits transcript persuaded me, that was it, booked the hotel, packed the bag, off I went. So for three days, the Continue reading “The True Mission at the Convention”

Above Water

For people handling multiple projects, this is quite a familiar sight…

As mentioned in my previous post, this year has been going at a speed of light. It also felt like I had been underwater for quite some time, now I need to come up to take a breath in order to refocus. While I was deeply immersed, I had been putting this blog aside, voluntarily and Continue reading “Above Water”

Fast and Somewhat Furious

A familiar view for me in the last few weeks.

Talk about a fast start for 2016! It has only been three weeks since the farewell to 2015, I had been on two business trips, one to Chicago and another to Atlanta. Last year, I had only one… that’s correct, one. Numero uno. In general, I enjoy traveling for work. It gives me the opportunity to see the world beyond the semi-chaotic place I called the office. Continue reading “Fast and Somewhat Furious”

Just Do It!

Full Steam Ahead
Start the journey, putting your plan in motion is the key to success!

Welcome to my first blog post! This has been something I planned to do for quite some time (I wouldn’t want to tell you how long ago but it was a long time ago). So, why now? It wasn’t because my son is having a birthday today and I’m feeling the time just zoom by while laughing at my inability to catch up. (Perhaps it does have something to do with that?) It certainly wasn’t because of some commercial that I came across that featured a pair of famous sneakers.  Continue reading “Just Do It!”